A Day Of Firsts

Tuesday 2 April 2013: One Day Old

Today was a day of firsts; Ayla had her first bath, saw her first visitors, got her first teddy bear and did her first poo! (NOTE: I now understand how a baby’s bodily functions can be so interesting).

39.75 weeks ago Ayla was a tiny fertilised egg unnoticeably buried deep inside my body. Today, she is a little person with needs, wants and demands who knows what it’s like to cry, love and dream.

It’s hard to imagine how new everything must be for Ayla. Every time I put her in new clothes, I wonder how they must feel on her skin. Every time I stroke a different part of her body, I wonder if it tingles. Every time there’s a noise or a breeze I wonder if she notices, and if she wonders what it is.

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