Wednesday, 17 April 2013: Sixteen Days Old.

Hubby and I have recently concluded that winding a new baby must require a finite skill that neither of us have mastered yet.

Ayla has the whole input and output process sorted – she guzzles like a V8 and poops like a machine – but it’s the bit in the middle, the burping, thats proving more tricky than first expected.

We have a few theories; it could be because she gets so milk-drunk that she passes out thus burping is no longer required, or it could be that her bowels work up a fart much more effectively than her stomach can produce a burp.

Either way, Hubby and I are still working out the whole wind thing and I expect it will take a while before we have the feed/burp/bed scenario down to a fine art. But it’s fun trying 🙂

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