Thursday, 30 May 2013: Fifty-Nine Days Old.

Ayla’s a girl alright…. She like shoes!

Today I finally got some time to sort through the many bags of new and second-hand baby girl clothes given to me by friends over the last couple of months.

It was great fun! I propped Ayla up in her little bouncer and away we went, sorting through little dresses, shorts, shirts, overalls, jumpers, jackets and tiny baby jeans, one by one.

Ayla watched intently for nearly an hour, happy to give her opinion on any item I held up.

But it was when I put tiny little shoes on her that she really got excited and gave me a grin that would melt the polar ice caps.



Wednesday, 29 May 2013: Fifty-Eight Days Old.

Ayla and I “graduated” from Mothers Group today.

It was an Earlybirds group open to babies aged up to eight weeks so given Ayla turned eight weeks on Monday we were one of the big kids.

I’ve met a lovely group of women through the group and I think some of them are already becoming friends.

We plan to keep catching up each week for coffee and a chat… Not just about our babies, but everything from fashion, to work, to property, and you know how much I love to talk property!


One Handed

Tuesday, 28 May 2013: Fifty-Seven Days Old.

It’s amazing the number of things you can do one-handed

From brushing teeth, hanging out washing, shopping, vacuuming… The list goes on!

Mind you, my back is killing me!

Not only did having a baby mean I suddenly became a pseudo amputee, it’s also introduced me to muscles I never knew existed.



Monday, 27 May 2013: Eight Weeks Old.

When Ayla woke up this morning she looked different… older. And as the day went on I noticed she was acting older too.

Her neck is stronger, she’s started grabbing at her hands and she’s blowing bubbles.

It’s also obvious that Ayla is ticklish. Very ticklish. Her belly, underarms, feet; everywhere seems to tickle!

Ayla also spent hours smiling and laughing at her toys and by the end of the day she’d worked out that wiggling like a worm-possessed made them shake!



Sunday, 26 May 2013: Fifty-Five Days Old.

I think I managed to find just the right amount of balance between parenting and partying last night.

As hard as it was to leave Ayla behind I knew she was in good hands and that freed me up to relax and have fun.

The music festival was great (having VIP tickets helped!) and it was fantastic to be around wonderful, supportive friends who I could just be myself with.

I think I did pretty well with keeping the Ayla talk to a minimum, and during the odd moment of withdrawal I took a deep breath and somehow managed to leave my phone in my pocket.

After a few hours though, I was excited to get back and pick up my little girl.

We found Ayla peacefully asleep on the babysitters shoulder, all rugged up in her little purple wondersuit.

She’d never looked so beautiful 🙂



Saturday, 25 May 2013: Fifty-Four Days Old.

I’ve spent the last two weeks preparing myself for today… When we leave Ayla with a babysitter for the first time!

I’m sure I’ve packed way too much stuff, defrosted way too much milk and will leave way too many instructions, but you just never know!

The “babysitter” is a friend of ours we’ve know for years who lives right next door to one of our best mates, and just up the road from the music festival we’re going too.

She’s also a part time professional babysitter, so I know I have nothing to worry about.

But still…….!