Mothers Day

Sunday, 12 May 2013: Forty-One Days Old.

I never expected Mothers Day to mean so much to me, but today was something special.

I was woken up to breaky in bed (a Macca’s breaky cos Ayla can’t cook yet!) and of course, lots of cuddles.

Then Ayla and Hubby gave me a present I’ll treasure forever! It’s a silver heart shaped locket with two tiny photo’s in it; one of Ayla and one of Hubby and I.

We watched a movie, went shopping and had a nap.

But I was very emotional all day…

Although I’ve always known Mothers Day was important and I’ve always made time to tell my mum and grandma I love them, actually BEING the mum took it to a whole new level.

I felt like the queen, the matriarch. I will go to bed tonight feeling loved, appreciated and valued.

I know I have a wonderful man beside me who gives me strength and supports me and together we’ll do our best to raise Ayla and help her become the best possible version of herself.

That’s what being a mum is all about.

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