Cabin Fever

Tuesday, 14 May 2013: Forty-Three Days Old.

It’s only been six weeks but I think cabin fever has started to set in.

As much as I’m loving being at home with Ayla, the thought of spending all day every day at home just isn’t sitting too well with me at the moment…

As a result, I’ve been at the Shopping Centre nearly every day for no good reason and I’ve been grocery shopping every second day for things that I either don’t need, or seem to have strategically “forgotten” the day before.

In order to try and curb my spending and recover some wasted hours, this week I’ve been trying to focus on fitness and food. The thing is, it’s expensive to eat healthy and going for a two hour walk every day is still technically wasted time.

Today was the worst day so far, but that’s probably because I had the best sleep ever last night so this morning I was jumping out of my skin! (It’s amazing what nine hours of nearly uninterrupted sleep will for a new mum!)

Yes, that’s right… Ayla slept for five hours until 2am and then another four hours until 6.30am. Even better was that it only took 20 minutes to get her back to bed after the 2am feed!

Due to all the sleep I was up and at ‘em by 7.30 and found myself with a couple of hours to kill in the cool dry-season morning so I set my sights on the yard. The problem was I’ve never been much of a gardner and couldn’t work out how to start the lawn mower or how to use the whipper snipper.

I ended up pulling vines off the front fence with a vengeance and sparking up conversations with neighbours I hadn’t met before. Oh, and I was talking to The Dog like he was a person and I think the guy across the road heard me….

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