Tough Day

Monday, 20 May 2013: Seven Weeks Old.

Today was a bit of a tough day, but it’s only the first one so I’m not too worried, just looking forward to bed!

Ayla was unsettled for most of the day; she only had four 40 minute naps between waking up at 8.30 and going to bed at 9.

It’s unusual for her to be like that so it was pretty stressful. I was also a bit stressed about going into work for the first time since starting maternity leave.

I guess I was just a bit worried about what I’d find when I went back, whether I’d become obsolete or if all the pressure I’d felt in the months before leaving would come flooding back when I walked in.

But surprisingly it was the opposite. It was great to be among people I know, in an environment I’m familiar with, talking about all things NOT baby related.

It was refreshing and reassuring, and I’m now look forward to going back to work when I’m ready (in 11 months or so!)

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