Sunday, 26 May 2013: Fifty-Five Days Old.

I think I managed to find just the right amount of balance between parenting and partying last night.

As hard as it was to leave Ayla behind I knew she was in good hands and that freed me up to relax and have fun.

The music festival was great (having VIP tickets helped!) and it was fantastic to be around wonderful, supportive friends who I could just be myself with.

I think I did pretty well with keeping the Ayla talk to a minimum, and during the odd moment of withdrawal I took a deep breath and somehow managed to leave my phone in my pocket.

After a few hours though, I was excited to get back and pick up my little girl.

We found Ayla peacefully asleep on the babysitters shoulder, all rugged up in her little purple wondersuit.

She’d never looked so beautiful 🙂

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