Friday, 31 May 2012: Sixty Days Old.

Up early at 5am, Hubby and I made our final preparations with a well-oiled precision that comes only with practice. At 5.50am we popped a sleeping Baby Ayla in the car with us and headed off on our first family camping trip.

Hubby and I have always loved jumping in a 4wd and heading off on a fishing/camping adventure, but doing it with our beautiful daughter is better than all those times put together!

I’m pleased and surprised that the trip itself wasn’t really any harder to plan and we haven’t brought much more stuff, but that could be on account of the fact we are staying at our beach shack.

The shack has aircons and fans, a stove, kettle, queen sized beds and a shower so although its still far from “glamping” it beats pitching a tent in the longrass.

Of course we brought the boat, and two great friends have come with us too.

While they’re out catching fresh fish and mud crabs for tea I’m kicking back on a futon in the shade next to Ayla, thinking this is about as good as it gets 🙂

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