Tuesday, 4 June 2013: Sixty-Four Days Old.

Ever since she was born people have been telling me how “little” Ayla is but today, when we met five day old baby Cooper (Ayla’s future BF), I realised she’s not little – she’s just growing!

Only 8.5 weeks ago Ayla was a tiny newborn like Cooper; her cry was quiet and polite, her days were spent sleeping and eating, and her eyes were learning to see while her ears were learning to hear.

Yeah sure Ayla’s little – compared to bigger, older babies – but she’s strong, and healthy, and the exact size she should be.

And it was so cute to see her cuddled up next to Baby Cooper today, to see her as the big kid for a change.

But I know it won’t be long before I’m wishing for a tiny Baby Ayla to be sleeping in my arms.

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