Friday, 21 June 2013: Eighty-One Days Old.

Today I had an epiphany; growing up isn’t a race. It’s a step by step journey that guides us towards becoming well-rounded adults.

Being a baby is special, being a toddler is special and being a kid is special too. We learn important lessons at every stage of life, and we learn them when we’re ready for them.

People often tell me to enjoy every minute of Ayla being small, but no one’s ever suggested that Ayla should be allowed to enjoy every minute of her babyhood too.

There’s no need to rush her into self-soothing, dummy taking or tummy time, and I’ll admit I might have been getting swept up by the “competition” of parenting.

But now I realise that although I only want the best for Ayla, she already is 🙂

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