Saturday, 22 June 2013: Eighty-Two Days Old.

First thing tomorrow morning, Ayla’s going on her first aeroplane trip!

Hubby can’t come because of work, so sadly it’ll be just us girls braving the cold for two weeks.

I’m not looking forward to being away from hubby for so long, and I’m worried about him missing out on two whole weeks of Ayla’s development.

Plus, traveling with a baby is HARD!

Not only is there a seemingly infinite amount of clothes, socks, headbands, nappies, wipes and wraps to take, there’s a pile of paraphernalia including toys, linen, playmats and the breast pump!

I’ve heard that the actual act of flying with a baby is pretty simple – feed during take off and landing – but it’s getting to and from the plane with all our gear that’s going to prove most challenging.

Wish us luck!

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