Without a Hitch

Sunday, 23 June 2013: Eighty-Three Days Old.

We arrived without a hitch – Ayla literally slept the whole flight – but I completely forgot to get the nappy bag off the conveyer belt!

After spending 10 mins trying to get off the motorway and turn around we made it back to the terminal just before the last remaining bags were taken to lost property.

THEN it went without a hitch.
Until bedtime.

I didn’t bring the portacot (going to buy one down here tomorrow) so I jam packed the baby bath full of blankets and tucked Ayla in.

But she wouldn’t settle! It’s taken me nearly an hour to get her down which is very unlike her, and now I feel like my eyes are hanging out of my head.

Not sure if its wind, the cooler weather or if she actually knows she’s sleeping in a bath but I hope tomorrow is easier!

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