Circle of Life


Thursday, 4 July 2013: Ninety-Four Days Old.

I got to watch a tiny moment in the circle of life today, when Baby Ayla was playing with her Great Grandma.

It seems that Great Grandparents are few and far between these days, whether it be because we’re waiting longer to have kids or because families are so spread out our babies never get to meet them.

Ayla is lucky enough to have not one, but two Great Grandparents (a Great Grandma on my side and a Great Grandad on Hubby’s) and today she got to share some special moments with my mum’s mum.

Although Ayla won’t remember, thanks to technology the moment when Great Grandma saw Ayla’s first proper “goo gaa” is captured on film forever.

And for Great Grandma, I could see how much the time meant to her but I don’t think I’ll fully understand until I’m a Great Grandma… If I’m lucky enough.

I guess that in the scale of life today was fleeting, but in a scale of love, family and preciousness it was grand (pardon the pun).

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