Struggling to keep up


Friday, 5 July 213: Ninety-Five Days Old.

Ayla must be having another growth spurt I think, she’s been feeding hourly and I’m struggling to keep up!

It’s to be expected I guess; she’s developed so much in the past week that now it’s time for her body to do the same.

But, I’m worried if I’m giving her all she needs, and enough of it. Ayla’s still exclusively breastfed and I’m pushing myself to drink at least 5 litres of water a day so that there’s enough milk by bed time.

But, good ol’ “Mummy Guilt” prevails and still I am riddled with self doubt;

– Do I have enough milk?
– Is it a growth spurt or is she starving?
– What’s wrong with formula?
– Should I try her on it?
– When?
– HOW?!
– If I do, then my milk will surely dry up, won’t it?

ARGH! So many questions and no right or wrong answer! Some tough decisions ahead I think.

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