Just too wriggly!


Wednesday, 17 July 2013: One Hundred and Six Days Old.

Well, Ayla has finally become too big for her bassinet! And funnily enough, it’s not that she’s grown too tall – she’s just too wriggly!!

For the last two mornings I’ve woken to find her jammed up sideways, but smiling.

However, as a consequence of the sideways wriggle she wakes up with patch of tight little knots in her hair that I can’t get out!

Ayla thinks she’s pretty clever though, and she doesn’t seem to mind me chopping out bits of her hair. I agree she’s clever, but she’ll hate me for the chopping one day!

DETAILS: The photo above is her looking pretty happy with herself this morning (after I straightened her up) and the two pics below highlight the “dreaded” knot situation! Hahaha!



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