Blue Water


Sunday, 21 July 2013: One Hundred and Eleven Days Old.

Ayla, Hubby and I went out in the boat again today, but this time we headed for the blue water instead of staying in the harbour.

While it wasn’t as rough as last time, our boat was rolling gently in the swell so I don’t know if the rocking was making Ayla sick or just putting her to sleep!

When she was awake, which wasn’t very often, Ayla was very quiet and serene, sitting calmly on my knee as we watched Daddy catch fish.

Despite being on the water for nearly six hours Ayla returned to shore happy, relax and sunburn-free (kudos to Mum!)

3 thoughts on “Blue Water

  1. Six hours is a long time! I think when my baby was Ayla’s age the cloth diapering would have made anything six hours long impossible. Are you going to post a photo of the boat? I am so curious to see it. What kind of water were you floating on? Do you think a speed boat in Thailand would be safe as well or it is a totally different matter. I know very little about boats. I would love to go off the island we are living on for a short day trip but I fear that the sea would be too rough for a 6 month old…

    • Hi Kukolina!

      I wanted to do the cloth nappy thing but it just didn’t suit our lifestyle. Kudos to you!

      Our boat is 4.75 metres long and we bought it because its safe for children. I won’t be able to post a pic but you can google Quintrex Coastrunner and have a look.

      We can go out in the open ocean or in the harbour with our boat and we don’t have to worry too much, but we do make sure we know the weather and conditions.

      I don’t know about the Thai speed boats I’m sorry!

      I guess, at the end of the day babies are pretty adaptable and they lived in water for 10 months!

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      • Hi,

        I googled your coast runner. I like it! 🙂 I am sure it is a great experience to have one of these for the whole family.

        And you are right babies are attracted to water unless we implant fear in them. I swam until I was 38 weeks pregnant and we also took Zoárd to a private swimming class when we lived in Spain. I think he loves “agua”. 🙂

        The cloth nappy situation is a love- and hate affair but cheers!


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