Ladies who lunch


Thursday, 25 July 2013: One Hundred and Fourteen Days Old.

One if the things I’m enjoying most about maternity leave is the socialising; Ayla and I are now pretty much “ladies who lunch”.

Now that I’m not working I feel like I can be a better friend and listener too and I guess thats because I’m not trying to squeeze in catch ups between meetings or pour recent news into an email.

I reckon Ayla likes it too, the socialising. She loves meeting new people and going new places and I guess for a baby a trip to the coffee shop must be like a three week European vacation!

Ahh the life 🙂


Unspoken rules


Wednesday, 24 July 2013: One Hundred and Fourteen Days Old.

I had a bunch of errands to run today, and of course Baby Ayla came too!

I felt awful for her though as I had to hustle her in and out of the car over and over again, sometimes for a stop that took just a few minutes.

A couple of times I found myself torn between which “don’t” to abide by;

1) Don’t wake a sleeping baby
2) Don’t leave your baby in the car

Don’t worry – of course I took her with me – but it got me thinking about parenting’s unspoken rules.

As a parent I feel my actions are continuously on show, open for judgement by everyone and anyone who feels the need.

And that’s where the rules come in; everybody operates according to the set of rules that suit them best.

I know that every baby and every family is different, but it means there’s a massive void between what’s considered right, what’s wrong and what’s borderline.

I know I shouldn’t let myself buy in to other people’s judgement, but it’s hard! I only want the best for Ayla and this realm of motherhood is completely new to me.

So who am I to know what’s best? What gives me the right to ignore the advice and experience of others?

It’s certainly food for thought.


Rolling over


Tuesday, 23 July 2013: One Hundred and Thirteen Days Old.

Baby Ayla has just started rolling over!

I thought she did it yesterday but I couldn’t be sure, then today I saw her with my own eyes!

I’m not certain if Ayla’s rolling over is deliberate or accidental at this stage, but I definitely watched her rolled from her back to her stomach and over onto her back again.

So proud!


Ultimate protector


Monday 22 July 2013: Sixteen Weeks Old.

It seems that Ayla’s best friend and ultimate protector is none other than Houdini (aka The Dog).

Houdini, a 45kg Boxer / Presa Canario cross, is our original “baby” and he’s been a huge part of our family for the last five years.

Houdini was made to love and protect but still, as responsible new parents, Hubby and I have carefully and watchfully introduced Ayla to Houdini over the past few months.

Then today I took Ayla outside in her bouncer and placed her on the lawn.

Houdini came hurtling around the side of the house, full of beans and boisterous energy and I worried he would knock her over!

But as soon as he saw Ayla, Houdini instantly calmed.

Without a word or signal from me, he went straight to my baby girl, gave each of her feet and one of her cheeks a quick lick and then lay down beside her.

Even where Houdini chose to lie highlighted his understanding that this soft, sweet smelling, tiny human was part of his pack; he had put himself firmly between Ayla and the front gate.

While I know this behaviour doesn’t mean the two can be left alone just yet, it certainly shows there’s a friendship like no other in the making.


Blue Water


Sunday, 21 July 2013: One Hundred and Eleven Days Old.

Ayla, Hubby and I went out in the boat again today, but this time we headed for the blue water instead of staying in the harbour.

While it wasn’t as rough as last time, our boat was rolling gently in the swell so I don’t know if the rocking was making Ayla sick or just putting her to sleep!

When she was awake, which wasn’t very often, Ayla was very quiet and serene, sitting calmly on my knee as we watched Daddy catch fish.

Despite being on the water for nearly six hours Ayla returned to shore happy, relax and sunburn-free (kudos to Mum!)


Straight in


Saturday, 20 July 2013: One Hundred and Ten Days Old.

Ayla’s started to enter the phase where everything she touches goes straight in her mouth.

And I mean everything; fingers (hers and ours), toys, clothes, bibs, wraps, the cat… Nah, not really the cat but it won’t be long!

So long as Ayla can get her chubby little hands wrapped around something, it’s doomed… It’ll be chewed, sucked and licked until its soaking wet and soggy.

As gross as it sounds its pretty amazing to watch her brain working.

As she sits there, sucking on a blanket, I can see her registering what it feels like, how it tastes, how it changes in her mouth, and all that information is stored away in her amazing sponge of a brain.