A day at the races

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Monday, 5 August 2013: Eighteen Weeks Old.

It was Cup Day today so we took Baby Ayla to the track for a day at the races.

Neither Hubby nor I are big gamblers, or even avid horse racing enthusiasts for that matter, but Cup Day in our city makes for one of the best days of the year built on friends, fashion and a flutter (or two).

I donned Ayla in a gorgeous pink frock and matching fascinator, packed a picnic and off we went.

Ayla drew heaps of attention from people all day, most of them suggesting she’d be in the running to win Fashions on the Field (Hubby did enquire whether we could enter her but apparently you need to be at least 18 years old so she’ll just have to wait ’til 2032!)

Ayla was so admired that she even made it on to TV! I’ll try and get the clip from the 6pm news and post it here for you.

Although the crowd and atmosphere would have been overwhelming, Ayla was calm and relaxed all day. She even napped in her pram for a few hours much to mummy’s delight!

I am so, so proud of Ayla and so thankful she’s the wonderful cruisy kid she is.

Ayla makes it easy for me to be her mum and I’m so lucky to call her my daughter.

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