Drool factor



Tuesday, 6 August 2013: One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Days Old

Ayla is going to hate me for posting this photo when she’s 21, but I really need to document the drool factor.

Never would I have believed that so much drool could some out of someone so small and beautiful, but day after day the drool continues.

It’s most likely because her teeth are moving around in her mouth as they get ready to come through, but knowing what’s causing it doesn’t mean I can stop it!

To be honest, I don’t really mind the drool. I think it’s cute to see Ayla blowing bubbles and letting the drool dribble down her chin and even cuter when she grabs one of my fingers to chew on.

To me drool screams “baby”; it highlights Ayla’s innocence, her purity, her lack of inhibitions and her utter absence of self doubt. Ayla lives in the now and cares only for this moment… if her teeth hurt, she’ll chew and if that creates drool then it just does.

But from a practical aspect the drool has begun to impact Ayla’s wardrobe, and my washing pile!

I have so many beautiful clothes to dress Ayla in – picking an outfit is one of my favourite morning routines – but I’m now forced to cover them up with nowhere-near-as-cute bibs or letting them to get so covered in drool they leave giant wet patches all down Ayla’s chest.

I know it won’t be for long, before I know it I’ll be nagging at Ayla to brush her teeth, so for now I’ll just keep telling myself its cute and stay on top of the washing 🙂



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