Over tiredness


Monday, 12 August 2013: Nineteen Weeks Old.

I’m starting to understand the power of over tiredness.

Today, as every day, Baby Ayla was wonderful, happy and good.

It’s Hubby’s week off so we had lots of errands to run and by late afternoon we were working on outdoor renovations at home.

Ayla was happy to chill out in a camp chair while we clattered about in the dust but in all the commotion she missed her evening nap.

So by 7.30pm, as we were on our way home from a final errand, the over tiredness kicked in.

For Ayla, over tiredness brings clinginess, itchy eyes and lots of crying, and after how great she’d been all day I felt terrible for letting her get so sleepy and upset.

As soon as we got home I whisked her into her jammies and tucked her into her cocoon, gave her a big feed and a huge cuddle and… Boom. She was out of it.

Screaming one minute and sleeping like a log the next – Hubby described her as being like a campfire during a monsoon – but I was just so grateful she’d finally made it to the Land of Nod.

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