Hands full


Saturday, 17 August 2013: One Hundred and Thirty Seven Days Old.

Hubby and I are going to have our hands full with Baby Ayla pretty soon (if not already!)

It started a few weeks ago when Ayla (who’s still exclusively breast fed) decided she didn’t want to take the bottle anymore.

We’ve tried everything to get her back on it – different bottles, different teats, frozen milk, fresh milk, different feeding positions, different times – but nope, she doesn’t want a milk bar of it!

Then in just the last few days, she’s started to fight bed time.

Take a happy, but sleepy, Ayla into her room, turn the lights off and what do you get?

Rebellion! Ayla cries and wriggles and kicks and squirms; at four and a half months old she already knows what bedtime means and she knows she doesn’t want it!

And there’s one more thing… The TV.

I was out at a friends place tonight so Hubby was on Baby Duty.

Ayla was doing her newly discovered “don’t take me into the dark room routine” so Hubby had her in the lounge.

Every time he turned Ayla away from the TV she’d crack it. Spin her towards it again and she’d be happy.

Like a big kid! At four months!?!? Who on Earth suggested having an Aires baby?! 😉

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