The good things in life


Friday, 30 August 2013: One Hundred and Fifty One Days Old.

When I say Ayla helps me appreciates the good things in life, I really honestly mean it.

Not only does she open my eyes to the little things, but keeping this blog for her is a daily reminder to focus on what’s great in life.

I read a blog today called “Sometimes my blog is as superficial as Facebook” and for a moment it had me questioning my own integrity and the integrity of An Ayla A Day.

Sure, the journey into motherhood hasn’t all been smooth sailing; my hormones have given me some wicked mood swings, my brain sometimes feels like its a runaway train and there has been moments where I’ve felt like coping was a far and distant dream.

But when evening falls and it comes time to write this blog I choose not to dwell on the sad, the bad or the impossible.

When I look back on the day, every day, there are great, happy and beautiful things to focus on… These are the things I want to write about, the things I choose to remember.

Admittedly the bad days are few and far between, but I’d be lying if I said they didn’t exist. It’s just that Ayla has become my shining light and now every day I find something beautiful or positive to celebrate.

5 thoughts on “The good things in life

  1. I think it is everyone’s personal choice what they want to post about on their blog or Facebook. I personally agree with you that I try to focus on the good things. I do not think that this is denial this is just being selective.
    Ayla is adorable as always!


  2. I agree. I think if I was back in time with my children I too would possibly do as you do. My blog is however “my thoughts on a page” and I try to write just that. At the moment I have a friend with a very sick boy who has undergone a bone marrow transplant and is in ICU. It is filling my thoughts. That particular day I personally had a good day and i had written a fun post but when it came to it I couldn’t post as I just came off the phone from speaking with my friend and she was awaiting his transfer to ICU.. I felt my fun post was not reflecting me. However as my friends situation is not something I will write about (until he comes home hopefully and then I surely will!) I felt helpless as I couldn’t express the real me, hence that post.
    Honestly that is not my usual post!
    Enjoy your little one. This is a beautiful bundle of memories I have no doubt she will enjoy in the future.

    • Thanks Tric, and thanks for your blog – it was a good read and definitely got me thinking! So sorry to hear about your friends little boy, it breaks my heart to think of Ayla with a cold key alone anything worse. I hope he gets better soon, and thanks for following! 🙂

  3. Elshonner you sound a very well balanced and worldly young lady you speak with such clarity on the bringing up of Ayla. You will have problems but you seem to be able to surmount most that life will throw at you. Just remember that life is short and children grow up very quickly so just enjoy the gift that you have been given. Hope I can get up to see your family whilst I am in Oz

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