Toughened me up


Thursday 19 September. 2013: One Hundred and Seventy One Days Old.

Motherhood has definitely softened me, but in some ways it’s toughened me up too!

Before Ayla, sleep was my defining state – I loved it. I could easily stay in bed til midday and I was often the first person to call it quits on a night out.

But now, I see sleep as something I can do when I’m dead!

Having Ayla has shown me that a) I can survive on just a few hours shut eye and b) life is way more exciting when you’re awake!

I also think I’m tougher in the physical sense.

Spending all day in the sun digging out a tonne of dirt doesn’t even make me flinch anymore (til the next day), but before Ayla my breaking point would come after an hour or two!

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