Animal lover


Monday, 7 October 2013: Twenty Seven Weeks Old.

We can tell Ayla’s going to be an outdoorsy people-person who loves water sports, but it looks like she’s going to be an animal lover too.

Ayla’s shown a definite interest in The Dog and Cat Cat over the past few months, and this has now grown to include any animals in any situations.

Ayla’s interest doesn’t just stop at real-life animals either.

If there’s animals on TV, Ayla’s glued. She likes the RSPCA “All Creatures Great and Small” ad the best, but shows and documentaries will also stop her in her tracks.

I can see why animals are so amazing to Baby Ayla though… One minute they’re stuffed and she’s holding them in her tiny little hands, the next minute they’re fifty times bigger and they’re moving around themselves.

Animals make strange noises, they’re furry, or scaly, or feathery, they move differently, they act differently.

They’re and endless source of entertainment and wonder, and I love watching Ayla absorb every tiny detail she can.

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