Growing up


Wednesday, 9 October 2013One Hundred and Ninety One Days Old.

When I think about Ayla growing up, I feel my heart split in two!

One half of me is so excited to watch her grow into her own person and discover the world one new experience at a time.
But the other half of me is freaking out because I’m scared that one day I’ll blink and Ayla will be all grown up and I’ll be wondering where all the time went.
I know it’s silly. I know I can’t keep my Baby Ayla small forever and that every stage of her life will be just as exciting and wonderful as the last, but I already feel like its happening too fast!
I think it’s all come about because Ayla’s on the brink of getting her first tooth.
I’m super excited about it but I know that means she’s not a newborn anymore.
Before long Ayla will have all her teeth, she’ll be eating big kid food and she’ll be sitting on the bench chatting away to me as I cook tea.
I’ve just loved these early baby days, more than I ever expected. They’ve been the start of a new life – for all three of us – and they’ve been the most precious, special and fragile moments of my life.

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