Tummy sleeper

Sleeping on her tummy

Sunday, 13 October 2013: One Hundred and Ninety Six Days Old.

Ayla is a tummy sleeper, just like me.

At first it freaked me out when I saw her roll from her side to her stomach at night, particularly because of all the information out there from SIDS and Kids about safe sleeping.

What worried me most was that Ayla sleeps in her ergo cocoon so her arms are held in close to her body to minimise nighttime waking.
But I’ve watched Ayla move about while she’s sleeping and I’m confident she’s ok.

Her head and neck control is excellent; I’ve seen her lift her head and move it around while she’s on her tummy.

I’ve also seen Ayla roll from her front to her back while wearing the cocoon, which is now quite stretched and allows her to push up using her arms if she needs to.

I know that tummy sleeping is not ideal, at any age, but if Ayla’s happy and sleeping peacefully then I am too.

I also think she looks pretty cute wrapped up like a pink caterpillar with her li’l bubble-butt in the air.

<<This post is also part of a weekly photo challenge I’ve been invited to join. This week’s challenge is “sleeping”.>>

2 thoughts on “Tummy sleeper

  1. Yeah, I think the consensus is that if they roll themselves you just shrug and let them be. Or wake every five minutes to obsessive-compulsively roll them back, depending on which message boards you frequent, but I like the common-sense approach best.

    A snuggly cocoon helps the sleep, doesn’t it?

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