Monday, 28 October 2013; Thirty Weeks Old.

Wow, development really does happen in bursts!

Yesterday Ayla took her first steps while I held her hands, and today she stood without me touching her at all!

Although she didn’t pull herself up, Ayla stood in her cot for a good minute or two this morning, and she kept her balance by holding on to the side.

Then at swimming lessons she did the same thing; holding onto the side of the pool while she stood on the step.

To finish off the day, Ayla showed her Daddy her new trick at home in the lounge room, using the ottoman as her balance beam.

I couldn’t believe it – standing!! Next she’ll be reciting the alphabet backwards!

It really is true when they say “blink and you miss it”. I’m so lucky to have this time at home with her to share these precious milestones.

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