Sit up straight!


Friday, 1 November 2013: Seven Months Old.

Baby Ayla’s posture is amazing.

Ayla first sat up when she was about five and a half months old, and now after six weeks of practice she’s perfected it.

It amazes me to see how Ayla can sit up straight for so long without so much as a shrug, while I have to constantly remind myself just to pull my shoulders back.

But, I must admit, I am definitely sitting straighter now!

Knowing I can plonk Ayla down on a mat without worrying about her cracking her head has also made getting out and about a bit easier.

Instead of risking a no-nappy accident in the pram or on the couch, a mat on the ground is working wonders and its super cute to boot!

I can see it won’t be long though before Ayla works out how to get tonthose out of reach toys; just lean a little bit further forward and push up a bit with her arms and voila! Crawling.

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