She rocked it!


Friday, 8 November 2013: Two Hundred and Twenty Two Days Old.

Ayla hit the streets of the Gold Coast today sporting one of her brand new cloth nappies… And she rocked it!

Hand-made and custom designed, we had THREE people stop us to comment on how cute Ayla looked wearing it.

The nappy has Ayla’s name embroidered on the front, and on the back it says “Day by day she grows. Minute by minute we love”… Naaaawwww!

It’s one of three gorgeous nappies made for me by Bella Rae MCN Embroidery and I’m so glad I found her!

Not only do these cloth nappies look great the one Ayla wore today didn’t impact her rash AT ALL!!

So I’m now a total cloth nappy convert. Sure, disposables are still handy but if these cloth ones keep the rash away and keep earning Baby Ayla complements then I’m completely sold. 🙂


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