Mirror, mirror


Monday, 11 November 2013: Thirty Two Weeks Old.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who’s the cutest of them all?
… Well Baby Ayla of course!!

Ayla seems to think she’s pretty amazing because of all the fun things we did today she loved looking at herself in the mirror the most.

There’s lots of mirrors at the resort; mirrors in the halls, mirrors in the rooms, mirrors in the bathrooms, mirrors in the restaurants and mirrored walls in both elevators.

Ayla was quick to work out where all these mirrors were around the place and before long she started actively looking for them.

Ayla mostly used the mirrors to practice her facial expressions, and perfect the art of raspberry blowing, but she also thought it was hilarious to watch us through the reflection.

She’s a cheeky girl, my Ayla, and she was soon giggling mischievously as soon as she saw herself, and a huge sneaky grin would spread across her face whenever she thought we weren’t watching.

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