Story time


Wednesday, 20 November 2013: Two Hundred and Thirty Three Days Old.

I took Ayla to story time at the library for the first time today, and I think we’re hooked!

We both had so much fun; the place was filled with babies and mums and toys, and the session was full of stories and songs.

I think Ayla loved the other, bigger, kids the most though.

Ayla’s little friend Harper and Baby Coops were with us, but Ayla was just as excited to make new friends with other kids too.

She kept wanting to stand and for me to help her walk off to play with the two 16 months old toddlers (Max & Isla) nearby.

It meant I was following Ayla around on my knees, her tiny hands virtually glued to my fingers, but it was great fun.

I can’t wait til next week when Daddy can come too!

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