Sick again!


Tuesday, 26 November 2013; Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Days Old.

Baby Ayla is sick. Again!

It’s nothing serious, but last night Ayla had a mild temperature and this morning she woke up with a very runny nose, sore itchy eyes and a sore throat (I think).

I don’t know how Ayla pick these illnesses up – it must be from shopping trolleys or restaurant high chairs – but I feel so awful for her, and guilty that I don’t get around disinfecting everything she touches!

I know that de-germing everything is unrealistic and conter-productive to ensuring Ayla’s future wellness, but to see my darling baby girl breathing through her mouth and blinking at me with teary red-ringed eyes… well, it breaks my heart!

But despite being obviously unwell, Ayla is still happy! I really don’t know how she does it but Ayla keeps on smiling and playing even with tears and snot running down her face.

The one thing Ayla hates though, is when I wipe her face. She HATES it. So tonight when Hubby and I were trying to use the nasal de-clogger thing to clear her nose and help her sleep we had a battle on our hands… which we lost.

I so hope Ayla is feeling better tomorrow.

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