Two things


Sunday, 1 December 2013: Eight Months Old.

Today is December 1st and that means two things;

1. Ayla is eight months old (eek!)
2. It’s Christmas!

It was also Carols by Candlelight night, which was a beautiful way to celebrate both things at the same time.

I hadn’t been to a Carols night since I was a little girl, and to see Baby Ayla playing with the candles (battery operated), singing err… screeching… to the music and watching all the other kids run amok was so cute!

It was also great to kick back on the picnic rug and catch up with Hubby.

The Carols, which share a venue with an annual music festival, highlighted to us just how much our lives have changed over the past eight months.

Within five minutes of arriving at the festival we would have seen a dozen people we know, but during the whole Carols we saw only three “acquaintances”.

But despite the change, we felt we were exactly where we should be – a new, happy, healthy little family, just hanging out together.

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