The pinching faze


Tuesday, 3 December 2013: Two Hundred and Forty Six Days Old.

Ayla’s going through the pinching faze.

I actually quite like the feel of Ayla’s tiny perfect fingers playing with my skin.

For me, and I guess for Ayla too, it’s a comfort thing – a symbol of closeness – kind of like when a puppy nibbles at your fingers.

Ayla pinches my neck and chest mostly, and usually while I’m feeding her.

Sometimes her arm reaches up to my face and grabs a chin, a nose, a cheek or my lips, but I love it.

For someone who isn’t overly “huggy”, preferring to shake someone’s hand or give them a wave as opposed to a hug and a kiss, it feels so special to be comfortable with such intimate closeness.

It’s only when Ayla tiny perfect nails, that I admit are a little too long, dig in to my skin that I flinch. Or when she pulls out a hair or two.

But despite the occasional pain, to me it’s another one of the special, precious baby stages that I’ll treasure forever.

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