New favourite trick


Friday, 6 December; Two Hundred and Forty Nine Days Old.

Ayla’s definitely got the “clicking-with-her-tongue” thing sorted; its her new favourite trick!

Instead of only clicking to “giddyup” a horsey, Ayla now starts clicking her tongue any time, any place, just for fun.

Like last night on our way to Bootcamp, Ayla sat calmly in her car seat and clicked the whole way there. Then she did the same thing on the way back!

And I awoke this morning to a strange noise coming through the baby monitor…

That’s right! Ayla must have woken up, remembered the new trick, and wasted no time in getting in some extra clicking practice!

I think it’s super cute and it cracks me up every time.

Not just because it’s adorable, but because when Ayla does it she manages look so proud and cheeky at the same time!

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