Pulled herself up


Sunday 8 December 2013: Two Hundred and Fifty One Days Old.

Ayla pulled herself up today!

She had been sitting next to me on the couch and was crawling all over me, giving me lots of kisses and cuddles like usual.

But after I sat her back down beside me for the hundredth time (all that love-filled pulling and grabbing gets a bit much after a minute or two!), Ayla decided to try something new.

Instead of leaning forward onto my lap, Ayla reached up to grab the top of my dress.

She then gritted her little gummy jaw and pushed with her feet until she was standing beside me.

Ayla was SO pleased with herself! She knew she’d done something pretty awesome and I was simply shocked!

It all happened in slow motion but it was like time flew by into the future for a moment.

I saw myself telling my then-big Baby Ayla to stop jumping on the couch!

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