Like a fish


Tuesday, 10 December 2013: Two Hundred and Fifty Three Days Old.

Ayla is so close to getting her teeth!

She has been drooling FULL ON the past week, and lately she’s started sucking on her cheeks so that she looks like a fish.

Apparently the cheek sucking is a sign that Ayla’s gums are feeling sore and strange, and that her first teeth are not too far away.

I am so torn between being excited and being scared.

Half of me loves the idea of Ayla having one tiny tooth poking up out of her little gummy mouth, but the other half is freaking out about how it won’t just be one cute tooth but a whole mouthful soon, and that my little gummy baby has grown into a little kid!

All in all, I think Ayla has been handling the teething thing pretty well. She isn’t overly clingy or whingey and she’s almost always her happy smiling self.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the cheek sucking I could be completely oblivious to the razor sharp little pieces of bones that are slowly and painfully slicing their way through Ayla skin.

I know its still early days yet – after all I’m still only speculating on the prospect of teeth – but hopefully Ayla handles it like a trooper… and that I do too!

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