Energy to burn

Tuesday, 17 December, 2013: Two Hundred and Sixty Days Old.

Ayla has so much energy to burn!

From the minute she gets up for the day, or after she wakes up from a nap, Ayla starts chatting, climbing, commando rolling and, quite frankly, being kinda crazy!

If I’m not laughing at her outrageous antics and funny facial expressions, I find myself marvelling at how quickly Ayla is learning new things; she really is a sponge!

Ayla is now pretty confident with the whole standing thing, and she’s darn close to perfecting her “pulling up” technique, so she wants to practice ALL the time.

This means that I now find myself moving Ayla around the house all day so she can climb up and stand next to new and interesting obstacles, like the couch, her play gym (which is now “sooo-last-month“), the dining chairs and the foot of our bed.

Commando rolling is also now one of Ayla’s favourite tricks, so anything within a one metre radius of her is in danger. This includes the floor so our days of sitting her calmly on the couch are long gone.

With all her curiosity and energy, I can tell Ayla just wants to get up and run. I think it frustrates her sometimes because when she’s been in the once place for too long she starts screeching and kicking and pounding her belly with both hands… hard.

These “oh-my-God-I’m-so-excited” outburst are hilarious, but also kinda scary. Ayla is going to be one full on, fun, ambitious and awesome little kid in a month or so… look out!

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