Second tooth


Friday, 10 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty Four Days Old.

Ayla’s second tooth has cut through!

My baby girl now has her two front bottom teeth and she certainly ain’t afraid to use them!

Ayla has been chomping down on everything, and I thought the drool was bad before… Ha!

Ayla got to test out her new tooth today when she took her first proper bite of food; Hubby offered her a suck of his paddle pop and it came back looking like a giant one-toothed rat had had a chew.

Thankfully though (touch wood) I have so far escaped becoming a teething toy, but surely it won’t be long before I let out a yelp that will echo in the ears of breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

But impending bloodshed aside, I’m glad the tooth is here and I’m hoping we’ll get at least a couple of nights of normal sleep now, until Tooth #3 starts making an appearance.

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