Tuesday, 4 February 2014: Three Hundred and Nine Days Old.

Ayla had plenty of opportunity to catch up with her Uncle Mannan today and it was great watching their friendship grow.

I love seeing my brother grow more and more confident with Ayla every time he meets her.

Like me he’d had nothing much to do with babies until Ayla came along, so naturally he feels awkward and a bit out his depth when she’s around.

But what my brother lacks in confidence he seems to make up for in devotion and I often catch him staring at Ayla or talking to her quietly when he thinks no ones looking.

I also love seeing my brother step outside his comfort zone in order to do “Uncle–y” things for Ayla, like battle with the car seat buckle until it clicks or hand her a toy that she’s forgotten about.

But most of all I like seeing how much Ayla seems to love her uncle, it’s as if she understands he’s more than just a friend and that he’ll have her back no matter what.

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