Tuesday, 18 February 2014: Three Hundred and Twenty Three Days Old.

Ayla and I had our first game of chasey today.

It was adorable and painful; I don’t know how Ayla’s little knees handle the tiles all day long!

It started off with us crawling around on the floor chasing after one of Ayla’s toys and it wasn’t long before the game escalated.

Ayla was like a bundle of pure happiness, squealing and screeching at the top of her lungs each time she took off on all fours, as if she were a knight screaming “charge!” just moments before her horse rears and bolts.

It cracked me up how excited Ayla was, her little hands and knees were moving at warp speed but regardless of how quickly or loudly they slapped the tiles Ayla wasn’t moving any faster.

It was as if Ayla simply couldn’t control the enegery and hype inside herself and her joy was definitely contagious.

After a little while, when my knees couldn’t handle the pressure any more, Ayla and I collapsed together in a big bear hug on the floor where we covered each other in wet slobbery kisses and tickles. Bliss.

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