Friday, 28 February 2014: Three Hundred and Thirty Three Days Old.

Well I did it… I enrolled Ayla in day care today.

I found out yesterday that going back to uni this semester means attending class from next Tuesday, which in turn brought finding a day care spot for Ayla up to the number one priority.

Ayla’s been on four waiting lists for months now – one since before she was even born – but it turns out that even finding care for just one day per week is a feat in itself!

After calling over a dozen centres in the area I decided to try one of our waiting list centres on the off chance they’d have a vacancy for the day I needed, if not the whole week.

And as luck would have it my second choice centre only just this week received a cancellation for a baby on Tuesdays so Ayla is in!

But oh my gosh it’s all happening too fast!

I took Ayla in to the centre today to check it out; it was nice, but not like home.

Ayla was excited by all the other kids, and we were there at lunch time which looked civilised, healthy and delicious.

The day care mums were lovely, talking me through the routine in great detail and making sure all my questions were answered.

At the end of the tour, when the time came to fill out the enrolment papers, the Director asked if I was feeling comfortable.

It was a hard question to answer!

I feel comfortable that they will take care of my Ayla, and I feel comfortable that she will have fun with all the other kids there.

But I haven’t been apart from Ayla for more than three hours since she was born, and the thought of leaving her in a strange place with people she doesn’t know makes my stomach do flips.

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