One nap per day


Sunday, 9 March 2014: Three Hundred and Forty Two Days Old.

It seems that Ayla has recently decided to have only one nap per day… just like a big girl!

Ever since our day care centre tour a week or so ago, where we were informed that Ayla would have only one nap at around 11.30am, my baby girl seems to have decided to start practicing.

See I usually allocate up to 30 minutes for putting Ayla to sleep, so over the course of the day I’ve found myself spending anywhere up to two hours sitting quietly in her room feeding, nursing and rocking her to sleep.

But now with just one nap around lunch time, Ayla and I have started to build a really good routine with playtime, meals, baths and bed.

I’ve also noticed that one sleep per day almost guarantees me a good solid two hours of time to buzz about the house doing the things I can’t get done when Ayla’s awake.

And, one sleep per day is also bringing Ayla’s bed time closer to 7.30pm than 8pm which is great news all round!

PS – if you haven’t already, please vote Ayla as the cutest baby in Australia and help her win a People’s Choice Award in the Bonds Australia Baby Photo Comp…. Thanks in advance! Click here to vote

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