Monday, 17 March 2014: Fifty Weeks Old.

After a good seven hours sleep in the Transit Hotel at Changi this morning we were refreshed and ready to head to Phuket, Thailand!!

Hubby and I were last in Phuket seven and a half years ago and we’ve been excited to go back and redo the adventure as a family this time, with Baby Ayla!

Just an hour or so after landing we kick started our Thai holiday at a beauty salon where I signed up for a pedicure so I could watch Ayla while Hubby got a massage.

But no sooner had I sat down that Ayla was off in the arms of one of the girls, wandering around the parlour and checking out the fish in the foot-bath tanks.

Needless to say it wasn’t the most relaxing pedi ever, but it was definitely a great way to get used to all the attention Ayla will receive.

I knew Ayla’s fair skin and blonde hair would be a hit with the locals but the reaction has been overwhelming!!

People are constantly coming up to Ayla to touch her, kiss her and hold her which is why I’m super glad we decided to “wear” Ayla rather than bring a pram!

Every time we walked past a salon or a taxi rank today all we could her was a gaggle of “aww”, “hello baby” to which Ayla always responded with a wave and the blow of a kiss.

Ayla even brought tears to the eyes of a little old lady tonight who was selling flower garlands on the street.

The lady came up to Ayla while I was wearing her and didn’t say a word, just stroked her cheeks, her legs and her silky soft hair and gave me a smile and a thumbs up before walking off into the crowded street.


2 thoughts on “Thailannnnd!

  1. We always travelled with our kids when they were that young. It was great, it get harder when they start to run around, then its a different type of fun.
    Ps would you consider looking at our site and perhaps adding your baby to our new global registry we are trying to start. Thanks and enjoy your trip.

    • I can imagine it will be a whole new ball game in a couple of years, especially if there’s a brother or sister too! Lol. I went and checked out lifewall and will buy a tile or two when we get back to Aus and I have all my photos handy. It’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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