So much better!


Wednesday 9 April 2014: One Year, One Week and One Day Old.

Things were so much better today!

Firstly, Ayla was much healthier this morning; she played with her toys while I got ready (instead of following me around crying), and she ate half of her breakfast (the first time in days).

Secondly, the day care drop off ran smoothly! We arrived and Ayla was all smiles for the day care mums, and she even reached out to go to one of them for a cuddle.

It meant the all worry I’d had over the last twenty four hours was in vain, but I was so very, very grateful!

Most of my concern had been centred on the possibility that Ayla’s “virus” would create for her a negative association with day care.

But it looks as though (touch wood… It’s only day three after all!) Ayla has been so well cared for and loved at the centre during the last two days that she feels safe and comfortable, and that’s the best outcome I could ask for!

Thirdly, I’m definitely starting to get my mojo back at work and today I completed my first piece of work, I’m amazed that everything is coming back to me so quickly!

Fourthly, picking Ayla up from day care was great! When I arrived Ayla had just woken up from a big sleep and was on a mat with the other babies.

Ayla recognised my voice first and started looking around for my face. When she saw me Ayla came crawling over to me flat out and was at my ankles before I could blink!

Lastly, Ayla and I had a lovely afternoon at home, playing together on the floor, preparing dinner and even going for a walk with The Dog!

For me, today felt like the perfect balance I’d hoped for; happy healthy baby, lovely day care centre, good job AND time at home with my family.

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