Copy cat fail


Tuesday, 29 April 2014: One Year and Four Weeks Old.

Ayla has reached that “copy cat” stage; everything I do she wants to copy!

If I’m drinking out of a cup, Ayla wants to drink out of a cup.

If I’m folding washing, Ayla wants to fold washing.

If I’ve taken the lid off something, Ayla wants to put it back on.

If I make a noise, Ayla makes the same noise only seconds later.

This afternoon Ayla even extended her copy catting to include The Dog!

We were outside waiting for Hubby to get home and I watched as Ayla saw The Dog sniff and eat something off the ground (as dogs do).

No sooner had The Dog walked off Ayla crawled over to nearly the same spot, opened her mouth and put her head down to eat a solitary dead, dried up leaf… Who needs hands anyway?!

The result was hilarious. Ayla lifted her head and looked at me with bewilderment in her eyes, wondering what had happened to the leaf that obviously hadn’t made it in to her mouth.

I actually laughed out loud and dived for the camera because, as Ayla stared at me with wide, confused eyes the leaf was stuck squarely on the tip of her nose!

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