Saturday, 3 May 2014: One Year, One Month and Four Days Old.

Ayla started dancing today, and she’s pretty darn good!

I was in the kitchen this morning when one of the toys Ayla was playing with started singing a tune.

Without even thinking about it Ayla started dropping her right shoulder in time with the beat and wiggling side to side on her bottom in what looked a lot like a shimmy!

I cheered and started dancing with her; Ayla was just too adorable to let her bust a grove solo!

A few minutes later when Ayla was in her high chair having breakfast she started dancing again, this time at the “wiggle as you eat your weetbix” song I made up.

For the rest of the day Ayla kept on feeling the beat, and every time I caught her having a sneaky boogie I couldn’t help but stop and marvel at her awesome cuteness.

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