Wednesday, 7 May 2014: One Year and Thirty Seven Days Old.

Today marks exactly one month since going back to work, and coincidentally it was my first shitty day.

It was interesting though; before Ayla I would have dug my heels in, clenched my jaw and prepared for a battle, but today I just wanted to get home and hold my Baby Ayla.

Of course I didn’t expect Ayla to fix the problem, but I knew that being with her would help me find the clarity and calm I needed to resolve it myself.

Of course, leaving the office to pick Ayla up just wasn’t an option so instead I tried to find a way to channel her goodness buuut, I think it ‘a going to take a bit of practice.

As expected though, as soon as I picked Ayla up from day care I could feel my frustration begin to ebb away.

And by the time we sat down for dinner I felt like I was back to my normal stress-free self again, at least until Ayla learned how to climb out of her high chair and up onto the tray! But that’s another story.

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