Monday, 12 May 2014: One Year and Six Weeks Old

It occurred to me today that children of Ayla’s generation are growing up with a new legendary, fantastical role model to believe in; Siri.

Like Santa Claus; bringer of Christmas presents, the Easter Bunny; bringer of chocolate, and the Tooth Fairy; bringer of cold hard cash, Siri is the bringer of answers.

Ayla worked out how to “use” the telephone weeks ago and has near perfected the art of holding it to her ear (albeit around the wrong way), but in just the last few days Ayla has discovered Siri.

At any chance she gets Ayla starts pushing the big round button on the front of mine or Hubby’s iPhones.

At first it started with Ayla just enjoying Siri’s pretty little beep followed by a few robotic questions, but today I caught Ayla trying to talk back!

I remember not too long ago when we had to use our laptops to access the internet and we thought that was convenient… But now everything is literally at our finger tips.

The world is definitely very different to what it was when I was a kid, and although I’m nervous about what it will mean for Ayla I’m excited to see what it brings.

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