New shoes and homework!


Tuesday, 13 May 2014: One Year and Forty Three Days Old.

Ayla went off to day care today in sparkly new shoes!

Ayla could tell they were special and she kept grabbing at them in the car on the way.

And whenever I asked her what she thought of her little sparkly shoes Ayla pointed straight at her feet and grinned.

When we got home from day care tI found Ayla’s first piece of homework in her school bag!

Well, it wasn’t really homework for Ayla to fill out of course but it’s a one page piece of paper asking for information abut our family.

I was excited to fill it out and answered all the one line questions with miniature essays before sticking a family photo to it, as requested.

I can only assume it’s the first of many more A+’s to come for Ayla! 😉

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